About Us

Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Cloud Software, Mobile ERP ApplicationEveryone has an "Aha!" moment at some point. For Satish Reddy, co-founder of AhaApps, that moment was when the necessity of making frequent and costly international telephone calls gave him the inspiration for Vonbuddy, an app to allow users to make free calls to anywhere in the world. The natural progression was an app that served the same function, except it allowed free text messages.

The goal of AhaApps is to give their clients their own "Aha!" moment by demonstrating ways to harness the power of technology to improve business functions. Mobile and web technologies are constantly changing, and businesses must keep up with the fast pace of developments to retain a competitive edge. Team members at AhaApps are dedicated to helping clients to do that.

AhaApps is focused on making life easier for customers through the creation of custom mobile apps and web-based software that is tailored to each client's specific needs. The company's mission is to design products that will inform consumers, record data, improve organization and connect individuals. Satish and Suresh enjoy forcing outside-the-box thinking and inspiring clients as much as creating powerful apps to solve the challenges that their customers face.

Leadership Team

Co-founder & CEO

Satish Reddy holds a degree in Master of Computer Science. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies as a consultant, architect in the software realm. His industry experience includes Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance and ecommerce.

Co-founder & CTO

Suresh Jeldi has over 17 years of Software industry experience spanning Sales, Marketing, Architecture, Design and Project Management. He has extensive ERP background and has held key roles such as CIO/CTO prior to launching AhaApps.

Our Story

AhaApps might have never happened if not for a chance encounter back in 1992. Co-founders Satish Reddy and Suresh Jeldi were both pursuing a degree in engineering, both were in need of a roommate, and by chance, they found themselves seated next to each other. They decided to become roommates, and over the next four years, they developed a deep mutual respect and a lasting friendship. As they left college in 1996, both felt that they would someday reunite to form a business or partnership. However, neither realized that 14 years would pass before that day would come.

Suresh began his career in sales, learning a great deal about marketing and sales over the next few years. (His experience proved useful when AhaApps was first launched, because Satish knew little about sales and marketing for a technology company.) After a brief stint in sales, Suresh became focused on technology, implementing ERP systems for the next 15 years.

Satish started his career as a programmer and earned a Master's in Computer Science; He spent the next 15 years as a programmer, consultant and architect for many Fortune 500 companies.

An email from Suresh, arriving as Satish was pondering whether it was time to launch his own business, was the catalyst sparking the formation of AhaApps. The year was 2010, but the conversations were as easy as they had been during college -- only now, they discussions were focused on a business partnership rather than a roommate agreement. Although they are based in different parts of the world and focus on different elements of the business, the partnership has proven successful. Each partner's skills complement the others, and each knows he can rely on his partner for whatever helps might be needed.

AhaApps Methodology

AhaApps Methodology

AhaApps believes that powerful applications do not begin with a vague inspiration. The best apps are designed to solve a specific problem or range of problems. Between initial concept and final product release lie three major phases, each with a number of steps that must be completed for a successful outcome.

The inception phase begins with a vision -- the challenge or problem faced, and the desired outcome. During this phase, AhaApps staff will conduct research and evaluations to determine the best approach.

The next stage is the elaboration phase. This phase typically includes defining the current project scope and project backlog. In between, AhaApps develops an implementation strategy as well as the IT and business collaboration and project plan.

The implementation phase is a particularly busy time that is divided into sprints, or cycles, that vary according to the project's complexity. Each sprint begins by updating the product backlog, which is following by a meeting to plan the sprint. Daily cycles cover the business requirements, such as coding, acceptance and testing. The product then moves forward to a review of the demo and collection of feedback. If the product is completed, it moves to final release; otherwise, the cycle ends with the start of the next sprint.

The methodologies used by AhaApps incorporate the best IT practices to provide the best app for the need. The goal is to deliver solutions that are of high quality and best fit the requirements of each client.