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Be Smart When Moving Legacy Applications

Posted by Satish Reddy

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Dec 4, 2015 2:00:42 PM

Cloud.jpgA recent study by IDG Enterprise notes that half of all Cloud investments are being made by IT departments performing SaaS deployments.


But, the “lift and shift”methods that are traditional may not be the best way for most, writes Joanie Wexler for CIO.



Just as you might evaluate and rid yourself of certain possessions before you move to another state, SaaS migration is a chance to de-clutter apps. Anything that is not efficient now, still won’t be efficient in the Cloud.


Some things need to be cleaned up – others, especially if they are a few years old, may just need to be discarded altogether.


Many legacy apps just won’t work as they are if you want to take advantage of Cloud features.


And, most were designed to run on one server, not in the landscape of multiple servers that is the nature of the Cloud.


Many suggest freezing an application’s local configuration as a way of keeping the files constant and accessible, but there are many options that AhaApps can advise as to your particular software needs.


The bottom line is that if an application needs to be integrated, it makes more sense in almost all cases to evaluate it before migration, and clean up or tune up, instead of after.


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