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Is It Time to Worry About Application Modernization?

Posted by Satish Reddy

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Nov 12, 2015 5:28:20 PM

Is_It_Time_to_Worry_About_Application_ModernizationIs it time to worry about application modernization?


A recent article in Forbes makes the argument that yes, in many cases, it really is.


Converting outdated legacy applications into new versions for cloud, mobile and digital-ready is something that is closer than the horizon.


Still, the choice of which software is facing its time is an important consideration.


Some legacy software is still performing well for the tasks for which it was created.  For others, modernization is an idea whose time has come – but rip and replace is never necessary, Forbes writes.  Many factors must be weighed carefully.


Application modernization in most cases involves preserving the DNA of original software and modernizing through appropriate means. Applications that need to be rethought for use on Smartphones and tablets, however, cannot always be as straightforward to modernize - they may be coming forward to a platform or for purposes that were not even conceived at the time of their creation.


Programming languages and barriers to speed, which today’s consumers simply will not tolerate, are also key considerations in modernization, meaning that careful planning and enlisting the right expertise are vital to this process.

 Many in the know simply do not see a choice but to modernize. As one industry insider put it, “Legacy applications are a major barrier to cloud migration, denying companies the associated cost, delivery, speed and operational benefits.” 


For most, it’s not a matter of whether to modernize, but when.

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