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How Starbucks' Environmental 'Improvement' Broke Down Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Paige Tarchokov

Jan 5, 2016 7:00:00 AM

How_Starbucks_Environmental_Improvement_Broke_Down_Customer_Satisfaction.jpgInteresting, what I have learned since my last blog on my Starbucks cup debacle.


When visiting my local store and “double cupping” to avoid the cup implosion I detailed in my first blog, I found a new problem - I couldn’t finish more than a third of my cup of coffee before the entire rim was weakened from the liquid inside.

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5 Reasons Why IoT is the Future

Posted by Satish Reddy

Dec 28, 2015 4:43:53 PM

5_Reasons_Why_IoT_is_the_Future.jpgBehind enterprise mobility management , the Internet of Things is a super hot topic right now.

The interconnectivity of so many devices and the data in them is something that business leaders can rely on to help them become a future-oriented organization, Scott Steinberg points out in an article for Mobile Business Insights.

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Ouch…Starbucks’ defective cup…or broken Lean Management System?

Posted by Paige Tarchokov

Dec 17, 2015 8:00:00 AM

starbucks_copy.jpgLike many parents, my first morning stop is to drop the kids off at school. I then swing by Starbucks to pick up a Venti blonde coffee for my drive to work.

On Tuesday; however, my routine was rocked. Within five minutes of my morning coffee purchase, I picked up the coffee from the cup holder in my car and that’s when it completely collapsed — exploded is perhaps a better word — and showered me and my car's interior with hot coffee. My clothes and boots, the floor of the car, parts of the dash, the ashtray and cup holders were all soaked with coffee.

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Topics: Customer Satisfaction, Customer Experience, Lean Management