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3 Ways a Leader Can Undermine Cohesion at Work

Posted by Satish Reddy

Jan 15, 2016 6:23:08 PM

3_Ways_a_Leader_Can_Undermine_Cohesion.jpgWhen businesses are scaled up, fragmentation is a natural result. Organizations get divided into “pieces” as they get bigger - unless a leader drives something different by design.


To most business leaders, it remains important that people feel part of “something bigger.” But, with their actions, most people at the top do less for unity and ironically more for what Ron Carucci of Harvard Business Review terms the opposite of cohesion: “faux-hesion.”

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5 Trends Emerging as Cloud Changes IT Departments

Posted by Satish Reddy

Jan 7, 2016 3:44:40 PM

How_Cloud_is_Changing_the_IT_Workforce.jpgChanges in technology can have a lot of unexpected results. Things that could not necessarily be foreseen in their early days: super qualified, wise shoppers trained by the use of the Internet. Quicker pace in business environments led by the onset of email.


The Cloud will be no different – we are only starting to see what results may come, writes Paul Gillin for CIO magazine.

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How Starbucks' Environmental 'Improvement' Broke Down Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Paige Tarchokov

Jan 5, 2016 7:00:00 AM

How_Starbucks_Environmental_Improvement_Broke_Down_Customer_Satisfaction.jpgInteresting, what I have learned since my last blog on my Starbucks cup debacle.


When visiting my local store and “double cupping” to avoid the cup implosion I detailed in my first blog, I found a new problem - I couldn’t finish more than a third of my cup of coffee before the entire rim was weakened from the liquid inside.

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