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How Starbucks' Environmental 'Improvement' Broke Down Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Paige Tarchokov

Jan 5, 2016 7:00:00 AM

How_Starbucks_Environmental_Improvement_Broke_Down_Customer_Satisfaction.jpgInteresting, what I have learned since my last blog on my Starbucks cup debacle.


When visiting my local store and “double cupping” to avoid the cup implosion I detailed in my first blog, I found a new problem - I couldn’t finish more than a third of my cup of coffee before the entire rim was weakened from the liquid inside.

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The Top 5 Challenges For Implementing IT in The Manufacturing Industry

Posted by Suresh Jeldi

Jun 9, 2014 1:25:00 PM

ManufacturingIT integration has become the norm for many of today’s industries. While the end result is usually increased efficiency and streamlined operations, there can definitely be complications along the way. When it comes to the manufacturing industry, companies need software that’s highly globalized and automated. Manufacturing systems must be able to keep countless individuals from around the world in sync with one another and narrow the communication gap between suppliers, distributors and retailers. In today’s global market, IT is faced with five main challenges.  


1.      Globalization

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