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What makes your Enterprise Younger?

Posted by Satish Reddy

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Jun 2, 2016 2:10:38 PM


Did you ever wonder what makes your Enterprise younger?

We know that individuals feel younger with Music, Exercise, Being Happy etc.
But what about an Enterprise?
Is it Culture?


Probably all of the above. But the most important one is Agility in getting things done.  

Why is Agility important?
 Because.....drum roll please.....
"52% of the Fortune 500 have been merged, acquired, gone bankrupt or fallen off the list since 2000."
-- R Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
The companies that survive and thrive are built for change, not just slow adoption but adoption at speed and scale. That's Agility.
And how do you get Agility?
Since we are technologists and as the saying goes, to a man with hammer everything looks like a nail, we see that agility is accomplished by using the right tools and methodologies.
Tools right? Yes. Let’s talk about that.
Say you have a new initiative to capture data across the marketing channels, your mobile app, web site, in store purchases etc? We have a word for it called OmniChannel Marketing. Or say you want to launch a new mobile app or whatever the use case may be.
More than likely your IT systems need to pull data from various sources and guess what, you are going to feel like its an uphill battle if you do not use the right tools.
Every new project is an uphill battle because you have the need to pull data from disparate systems and orchestrate the business flows. Systems in your Enterprise talk to one another with API’s exposed just for the purpose of serving the immediate need.
This is what is called Point-to-Point integration. Believe me it's close to being in HELL. You increase complexity and decrease Agility when you use Point-to-Point integration, the result is spaghetti communication as shown below.
This is where API’s and tools from MuleSoft come in handy. And when you introduce MuleSoft into your Enterprise this is what you get:
First of all your projects can be launched in weeks not years. No more reinventing the wheel; your API's are available for everyone in the Enterprise (of course Governance and Security goes without saying). Thereby giving you tremendous leverage over your systems enabling market share growth. 
That’s how your organization can get younger. Unilever, McDonalds, Coco Cola, Siemens, Netflix, Uber (to name a few) are getting younger by the day using MuleSoft
What’s your plan?
Don’t you want to get younger?
Call us or email us for a no hassle consultation to make your enterprise agile and younger.

We are a very different company, our philosophy boils down to these tenets:

· Live and breathe to create “Aha” moments for our clients.

· Get things done right the first time.

· Listen intently and ask the right questions.

· Modernize Information Technology with Integration.

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