AhaApps Methodology

AhaApps believes that powerful applications do not begin with a vague inspiration. The best apps are designed to solve a specific problem or range of problems. Between initial concept and final product release lie three major phases, each with a number of steps that must be completed for a successful outcome.

The inception phase begins with a vision -- the challenge or problem faced, and the desired outcome. During this phase, AhaApps staff will conduct research and evaluations to determine the best approach.

The next stage is the elaboration phase. This phase typically includes defining the current project scope and project backlog. In between, AhaApps develops an implementation strategy as well as the IT and business collaboration and project plan.


The implementation phase is a particularly busy time that is divided into sprints, or cycles, that vary according to the project's complexity. Each sprint begins by updating the product backlog, which is followed by a meeting to plan the sprint. Daily cycles cover the business requirements, such as coding, acceptance and testing. The product then moves forward to a review of the demo and collection of feedback. If the product is completed, it moves to final release; otherwise, the cycle ends with the start of the next sprint.

The methodologies used by AhaApps incorporate the best IT practices to provide the best app for the need. The goal is to deliver solutions that are of high quality and best fit the requirements of each client.


Why AhaApps?


A technology partner who takes time to understand your business and any issues.


Eliminate risk of legacy modernization when repurposing and extending your existing applications.


User-friendly applications that focus on usability, mobility solutions and single sign-on.


Ensure return on investment in the shortest period possible by leveraging agile software development methods.


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