AhaApps might have never happened if not for a chance encounter back in 1992. Co-founders Satish Reddy and Suresh Jeldi were both pursuing a degree in engineering, both were in need of a roommate, and by chance, they found themselves seated next to each other. They decided to become roommates, and over the next four years, they developed a deep mutual respect and a lasting friendship. As they left college in 1996, both felt that they would someday reunite to form a business or partnership. However, neither realized that 14 years would pass before that day would come. 

Suresh began his career in sales, learning a great deal about marketing and sales over the next few years. (His experience proved useful when AhaApps was first launched, because Satish knew little about sales and marketing for a technology company.) After a brief stint in sales, Suresh became focused on technology, implementing ERP systems for the next 15 years. Satish started his career as a programmer and earned a Master's in Computer Science; He spent the next 15 years as a programmer, consultant and architect for many Fortune 500 companies.

An email from Suresh, arriving as Satish was pondering whether it was time to launch his own business, was the catalyst sparking the formation of AhaApps. The year was 2010, but the conversations were as easy as they had been during college -- only now, their discussions were focused on a business partnership rather than a roommate agreement. Although they focus on different elements of the business, the partnership has proven successful. Each partner's skills complement the others, and each knows he can rely on his partner for whatever helps might be needed.



Why AhaApps?


A technology partner who takes time to understand your business and any issues.


Eliminate risk of legacy modernization when repurposing and extending your existing applications.


User-friendly applications that focus on usability, mobility solutions and single sign-on.


Ensure return on investment in the shortest period possible by leveraging agile software development methods.


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