3 Ways Modern Sales Productivity Technologies Drive Results for High-Growth SMBs

This article explores the ways in which sales productivity technologies help SMBs move toward higher automation for simplified tasks and what it is that makes some tools more effective than others.


In a recent study, over 40% of SMB leaders said they expect to invest in technologies such as automation and machine learning in the next two years. This signifies a shift from repetitive tasks to more analytical-based ones.


This benefits businesses by shifting low-value work away from high-value employees, but it is also beneficial to employees by allowing them to focus on the more engaging and dynamic aspects of their work.

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All of these advantages are accomplished through sales productivity technologies such as Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional. The CRM landscape is evolving, with SMB-focused solutions increasingly providing greater worth to small businesses than enterprise level competitors are able to offer.


With real-time insights into customer information, the ever-growing CRM model will drive relevant content to meet customer expectations.


With Dynamics 365, your sales team can be empowered to work their magic. With a single platform that can span across the entire breadth of an organization — sharing information and providing value for customer service, sales, product development, management, operations and more, D365 can truly transform the way business is conducted.


The sales-cycle will no longer be filled with disjointed or fragmentary information conducted offline on notepads, post-its or whiteboards. 


We have been in the CRM domain for more than a decade now. We have seen the highs and lows of it. We understand how a robust CRM can tie up the entire business ecosystem.


With sales being one of the most important pillars of a business structure, we know the benefits that it can reap with the correct CRM implementation. If you are looking to make your sales more profitable and interesting, then do connect with us.

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