Acceleration of Digital Transformation with Azure and Dynamics 365

Since 1979, Michael Hill has provided the world with luxury jewelry. As the company has grown, they’ve needed to expand their omnichannel processes. This desire has driven them to consolidate data onto one platform to accelerate their digital transformation. Michael Hill specializes in timeless pieces and outstanding customer service.

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The company found that archaic in-house IT systems were hindering its rapid growth, so it decided to move to a cloud-based platform where it could bring all of its data together in one place. The enterprise is using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to drive a digital transformation that is revolutionizing the way it does business—from predictive analytics to a peerless point-of-sale customer experience.


With 350 stores across four countries, Michael Hill is focused on growth and to achieve it, they’re turning to digital solutions like Azure and Dynamics 365 that can help them create harmonious omnichannel processes.  The company wanted to equip its sales professionals, marketing team, and business units with comprehensive customer data so that delighting each customer at every interaction was done unhindered.


They knew that providing that pleasant interaction becomes more challenging as customers’ shopping patterns expand to encompass in-store, web, and mobile purchases. To stay on top and keep up with the changing market trends, retailers must find ways to competently support the customer journey through all those platforms.


They decided to create a multi-faceted shopping experience where customers and sales staff can move effortlessly from one pane to another. This required a technology that could access data from multiple applications and present it in a thorough, user-friendly manner. Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 brought in this technology to keep them going for years to come.


The company believes that with this solution, they can map great technology to outstanding business processes that will enable them to expand their markets and adopt new business models.


Finding the right tools to optimize operations can require effort to get set up. At AhaApps, with our dedicated team of trusted professionals, you can cut that upfront angst and streamline efficiency. We’ll help you plan for the right solutions, implement the right tools, and refine your processes so that you can focus on what matters most to your company.

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