Business Transformation With Microsoft Azure

AB InBev, the brewer and marketing force behind one-third of the world’s beer products, is on a digital transformation journey to move 80% of its workloads to the cloud by 2020. With Microsoft Azure, the company has built a global analytics platform, broken down data silos, and reduced IT costs while increasing insights and agility.


One-third of beer products sold around the world are AB InBev products. This brewer and marketing powerhouse stores massive amounts of data. The company needed a single global architecture and infrastructure to break down data silos between its many data centers. AB InBev chose Microsoft Azure to migrate 80% of its workload to the cloud by 2020.

Business Transformation With Microsoft Azure - AhaApps
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It can be hard to predict how your business will grow, or if and when you will need extra resources for short term overflow of traffic or transaction volume. So, it’s a big benefit that Azure was built to be scalable in nature to go hand in hand with your business. One-way Azure does this is by loading your applications as a cluster that allocates a web application to a specific set of processes.

Azure is easy to adapt and offers a host of application building blocks and services that will allow you to customize the cloud as needed. Being cost-effective, Azure works off a pay-as-you-go model, which reduces the upfront costs. It provides you with the ability to create hybrid environments, allowing you to leverage your on-premise resources and the benefits of the cloud without expensive workarounds.

Making use of a Cloud server with Azure provides the freedom to build, manage and deploy servers on a huge, global network using your favourite tools and frameworks.

At AhaApps, we’ve helped companies of every size drive growth, increase agility and operational insights, and reduce IT costs through cloud migration. We create a combination of solution expertise, soft skills, and business insights to evaluate your current technological ecosystem and offer an effective resolution.

We aim to accelerate your ROI. We ask questions that get to the core of the matter quickly. We do a deep dive of three or four levels to understand our client’s requirements better. We personalize each client’s requirement and ensure that their objectives are met diligently. We follow a stringent guideline when it comes to finding the right talent for the right job or a solution for the CRM software, on budget and on time. We have fine-tuned our methods over several projects for efficiency and world-class delivery.

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