Changing The Sales Game With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Swarovski runs 3,000 stores in about 170 countries.  It employs more than 29,000 employees, and it earns several billion euros in annual revenues.


Coordinating teams and tools can be difficult, especially for a brand like Swarovski. That’s why it had let go of its multiple sales tools in favor of a single, cohesive, connected system.


Check out this video to learn more about Swarovski’s journey to a more integrated sales force with Dynamics 365.

Dynamics CRM - AhaApps
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Swarovski simplified and standardized the sales and business development progression through technology. Instead of numerous tools and devices, the sales reps used the integrated, all-in-one solutions of Microsoft.  The company migrated to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, helping them to measure the efficacy of their various marketing efforts.


As the lines of the sales process are blurring. Customers are interacting with companies across multiple channels simultaneously and gathering information from a variety of sources. This transition helped the salespeople to focus on their customers instead of their technology.


Dynamics 365 for Sales compiled massive amounts of customer data and displayed it to sales professionals all over the world at the touch of a button, offering easily useable insights.


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