By Mohona Dutta

Cracking the Microsoft Recruitment Code

Microsoft relies on hiring talent who can support the wave of digital transformation. The company believes in making its application pool wider. Microsoft evaluates candidates based on their skills rather than a college degree. There may be jobseekers who might have the necessary skills to become a top performer but unsupported by a diploma; the company seeks to employ such people as well.

If a jobseeker is interested, for a job at Microsoft, and has the right skill and attitude for it, he/she can surely go ahead. But mind you. You will be evaluated along with thousands of other aspirants. So, what can you do differently that catches Microsoft’s eye?

Microsoft Recruitment-AhaApps

LinkedIn Makeover

The tech company actively looks through LinkedIn profiles to find potential new employees. The hiring squad skims through the profiles on a daily basis and reaches out to the great ones. Microsoft uses both human recruiters and predictive automated intelligence to find the right talent.


The recruiters have LinkedIn licensing who are pulling out candidates all the time as a key part of their staffing strategies along with algorithms helps them narrow down the list of possible candidates even more.


Now, if you are a jobseeker, and want to become a part of this conglomerate, you have to skillfully fine-tune your LinkedIn profile. Try using keywords, language that the recruiters and AI are searching for. Avoid using confusing terminologies. One of the best ways to get on the radar is to open the Microsoft job profile, find out the description and see if similar words are appearing on your profile as well.

Showcase your work and questioning prowess

The recruitment process in Microsoft can be divided into four parts.


First, a jobseeker looks for the right role and applies on the Microsoft job page. After the profile has been created, they can look for other openings for Microsoft jobs in the USA, create job alerts and view the current status of their applications.


In the second stage, the recruiters who review every application reach out to the ones who can be a possible fit. The ones who are not contacted, do not need to be disheartened as their information is stored, and the applicants are notified if they qualify for a different role.


Thirdly, a jobseeker is screened by a recruiter or a hiring manager, typically over the phone. During this stage, Microsoft is looking to confirm an aspirant’s qualifications and scouting for the factor which distinguishes one from many. An indomitable spirit, a desire to learn, exceptional intellect, and a knack for technology and an entrepreneurial spirit.


The final stage is a series of interviews in-person which may last for about three to six hours. Depending on the role, the jobseeker will be asked to share their portfolio or provide examples of work in other ways, or if it’s for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant, will be asked to write code, etc. The idea is basically to analyze the practical skills of the jobseeker. In theory, one may hold a diploma/certificate from a reputed institution but during challenging times, how well this learning is applied, that is the question.


During this last stage of an interview at Microsoft, a jobseeker can ask as many questions pertaining to the role, career, aspirations he/she wants. The questions need to be crafted carefully and thoughtfully. Don’t ask questions for the sake of asking, think them through. Your analytical, logical skills and inquisitiveness will be demonstrated.

Don’t try too hard!

Interviews can stress the most confident ones out, and it is a given that nervousness will hit the most unexpected one.


Microsoft advises future employees not to overdo their homework. Not to get stressed out during the prep time. It is rather unconventional, but Microsoft has always been a little different in most ways.


It is good to have a firm grasp over the subject, but a jobseeker should avoid being scripted in his/her answers. Most people try too hard and turn out to behave like robots. If an unconventional question is thrown at such kind of a candidate, the outcome usually isn’t very delightful. The aspirant is thrown off because rote memory doesn’t prepare one for erratic scenarios.


Honesty goes a long way with most candidates. If the jobseeker is able to exhibit his/her previous work, discuss his/her skills and elucidate them with real-time scenarios, it will be appreciated more. The recruitment team seeks to find the right talent not only in terms of the role and responsibility but someone who can fit into the model of their culturally sensitive ecosystem, seamlessly.

At AhaApps we know

We have discussed in detail how a job seeker should prepare him/herself while applying for a job in Microsoft USA. We know about the nitty-gritties because we have been in the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 domains for almost a decade. We understand that every company seeks to employ an individual whose reliability doesn’t look good on papers only but is a delightful co-worker as well. There is a reason why we take pride in our selection of talent. As industry experts, we believe in delivering world-class staffing solutions for our clients. With skilled, experienced, carefully scrutinized consultants available at all times, we strive to source the right fit for your next project. If your business needs a consultant with Salesforce or Dynamics 365 skill set, chances are we have a consultant that will fit the bill. AhaApps maintains an enduring reputation for hiring only unsurpassed consultants in the industry.


Our consultants harbor a fact-based approach in solution building. They listen, examine and understand your strategy and culture, to implement what is fit for your business. They do not believe in reinventing the wheel but find out innovative solutions for any challenges in your ecosystem. Before they get the elbow grease, they do they homework diligently, so that they are prepared for any unforeseen challenges which might threaten your business framework.


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