CRM Solutions For SMBs

0ur Skill, Your Growth

The challenges you face

  • Lack of follow-ups leading to losing prospects and customers.
  • Rise of disinterested prospects owing to the slow transition from different stages in the SMB sales pipeline.
  • No collaboration between the Sales and Marketing team.
  • Bad data management leading to missed sales opportunities.
  • No insightful reports to track sales progress and productivity.
  • Budget heavy existing software to monitor, nurture leads.
Dynamics CRM For SMBs - AhaApps
Dynamics 365 For SMBs - AhaApps

Let the transformation begin

  • Customize your pipeline to match your sales process.
  • Engage with personalized outreach.
  • Get total visibility into individual and team performance.
  • Effective contact &lead management.
  • Automated lead qualification, prioritization, and distribution.
  • Seamless integration with existing apps.
  • Grow your business with insightful reports.
  • Cost-effective features.

View more. Do more.

  • View win/loss revenue trends, win rate trends, top won and lost individual opportunities.
  • Automate access to sales data on a row level.
  • Track key performance indicators, including current trends and future predictions.
  • View visual of the set of stages as prospects move through the sales process.
  • Connect to almost any data source and consolidates sales data in one central place.
  • Embed the sales reports, charts, and graphs you create.
  • View sales data trends over time, that predict customer buying behaviors.
  • See the sales leads by rating, source, industry, trends, and region.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 For SMBs - AhaApps
Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Mobile SMBs - AhaApps

The AhaApps’ edge

  • When you start a business, you encounter a gamut of hurdles that slow your growth. And we aren’t talking about technology only.
  • We had started a decade ago and faced similar challenges- lack of leads tracking software, lead leakage, absence of effective communication, unfortunate customer drops. We learned it the hard way. So, we came up with a sales enablement strategy that helped us.
  • Your business doesn’t need another expert commentator who observes from the sidelines.
  • We want to cross the hurdles with you. Implement the solutions that have successfully worked for us, and grow together.

Time To Transform?

Take time to assess your business needs, then seek out platforms that can easily adapt to your unique sales needs and help you reach business goals.


Get started with a free sales process assessment and a product demo from us.

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