What are Entitlements in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Service-based organizations often provide service contracts that entitle their customers to an allotted amount of support over a specified period. The amount of support might be a specific number of cases or a specific length of time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help organizations manage, track, and enforce these allotments by providing two mechanisms for managing the level of service that a customer is entitled to:

1. Service level agreements (SLAs):

SLAs track and define what should happen when a case is opened, like the initial response time by a support engineer or the time that it takes to resolve the case.

2. Entitlements:

Entitlements are agreements that define the level and type of support that a customer is entitled to. Entitlements define specific support details that were promised to a customer. These details include the coverage dates (period), and either the number of cases or the length of time that’s allotted.

For example, during the period when an entitlement is active, a customer might be entitled to place 35 phone calls to a help desk team. Another customer might be entitled to a total of 100 hours of technical support via multiple channels of communication.