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Compass Group serves up a global solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Read how the multinational organization Compass successfully implement the user-friendly, scalable Dynamics 365 platform to maintain consistent customer service across their entire organization.


ll the tried-and-true processes and best practices in the world won’t do your company any good if they are not being followed by employees. Implementation and follow up of company standards are especially difficult in de-centralized multinational companies like Compass, a food and support service organization with operations spread across 50 countries.

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To keep everyone synchronized, Compass implemented Dynamics 365. The intuitive interface meant more employees were happy to use it, increasing visibility and effectiveness.


Compass Group found the cloud model flexible and easy to use, which combined with Microsoft’s expertise, meant they were able to build a solution perfectly suited to their business requirements. As well as making global implementation possible, Dynamics 365 is already revealing other benefits for Compass Group regarding the effectiveness and wellbeing of their team. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, it helped them remove the burden of infrastructure management and focus on the functional needs of the business. This also kept them off from falling into security loopholes that might affect the business productivity.


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