By Mohona Dutta

How To Choose The Right Dynamics 365 Consultant?

The demand for specialized skills is skyrocketing and the talent pool for such skilled individuals is decreasing. It is painstaking to find the right Dynamics 365 candidate. This has resulted in the almost perpetual vacant chair situation in a lot of organizations. An empty chair bears a significant amount of hidden costs and far too many complications.


This results in a situation where vacancies remain stat for a longer period, and employers waste a lot of money and time in their Dynamics recruitment process, and such Dynamics projects don’t start in a timely fashion and sometimes don’t even see the light of the day.


This calls for an effective resolution, and a change in the approach regarding acquiring Dynamics 365 Consultants. Most methods that enterprises employ are archaic and way past the expiration dates; considering the present technological ecology, the procedures are no longer effective. Still, most hiring managers hang on to antiquated ways and means.

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In today’s times, talent is in the driving seat. They are calling all the shots and it is important that we place the jobseeker in the middle of the Dynamics hiring process. But how do we do that?


Most employers make the mistake of beginning their hiring process at the screening stage. In most case, the job adverts center around the company’s requirements, with an aim to streamline the recruitment process and picking out the unsuitable ones.


This approach may check all the boxes in a market where, you have more aspirants than job opportunities. But for a specialized talent field like Dynamics 365, the strategy has to be changed as there is a dearth of good candidates.


Before the screening process begins, you need applications. Today, the way you can acquire applications from such a talent pool is by creating a requirement for them to work for/with you.


Perhaps you can strategize, organize and then execute to obtain the crème de la crème from the lot.


Let’s talk about a few steps which can help you start shifting the focus of your hiring strategy, so it attracts the right Dynamics 365 applicants successfully.

1. Remember, candidate is the king: Because Dynamics consultants are a rare resource, only the best employers get the best candidates. Gone are the days when companies were in control and not the jobseekers. To reiterate, in the new digital era, a candidate is the king. Enterprises are fighting to capture the interest and hire the same scarce talent. As the hiring game becomes harsher, the rules of recruitment have changed. Among the many new trends shaping the ‘New Age of Talent Acquisition’ is the emerging importance of enhancing the candidate’s experience.


2. Ensure candidate-friendly interviews: Dynamics Consultants in today’s day and age have quite a few options, so they are in a position to pick the roles with great compensation and benefits, suitable work-life balance and growth opportunities.  Create a positive interview environment. Agreed you are there to pick the best but remember you are also representing your company and it wouldn’t be pleasant if the aspirant has to go back with a bad experience. A few friendly gestures go a long way. Even if the job seeker doesn’t clinch the role, he/she will remember the amiable behavior that you had demonstrated.  Keep in mind, that the best Dynamics applicants will have other choices so your organization should strive to present itself as a fun and supportive place to work.


3. Make candidates the focal point of the adverts: In today’s market acquiring the best candidate for the job is challenging. One of the reasons could be the job advert that you might have posted. Hoping that your advert reaches the right people is sending out a message in a bottle and praying that you are rescued on time. Your advert should describe the role and responsibilities in details. Information being the operative word here. You are scouting for talent in a shallow pool, you need to ensure that the best Dynamics jobseeker looks at the advert and immediately decides to apply. You want to attract suitable candidates, not repel.


4. Let candidates find you easily: Most Dynamics consultants will look at your job advert on social media platforms, bulletin boards, job portals. It is essential that your opportunities are easier to locate. Use the right kind of keywords, an easy to understand verbiage without any embellishments, keep it short and simple and in no time, you will have the best ones knocking at the door. Keep your website updated and in tiptop shape as most candidates will do thorough research before, they apply. Ensure that the details of the recruiter are mentioned properly, and your company’s address is updated as well.


5. Creating your brand and enlarging your network: It is significant that your company creates a niche in the Dynamics community. Build a strong brand for yourself. Use the power of networking and collaboration. Join a Dynamics networking group and be an active member. Since everything happens online most of the time, create your presence. Your visibility in a positive light will attract more suitable candidates than you can imagine. Most people like to be associated with organizations who do not mind being bold, passionate and go-getters, exude the same zest when you want to hire the right talent.


6. Download our free thought leadership to choose the right consultant for your business.  We have discussed the 10 best qualities that you need to look for in your consultant. We know we can’t read a candidate’s mind, but we understand that as a business owner you cannot gamble away your earnings hiring the wrong person.


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Mohona is a Content Writer for the Marketing team in AhaApps since 2019. When she is not busy attending to her creative, technical side, she likes to binge on sitcoms on Netflix. She loves writing poems and reading short stories when she wants to break away from the humdrum of life.

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