By Mohona Dutta 

Choosing The Right Salesforce Consulting Company

As a business owner, you need to make smarter decisions concerning your business bottom line. This can be easily achieved if you choose the right Salesforce Consulting firm. By choosing the right CRM Consulting Solutions provider you can kickstart your Salesforce journey and seamlessly build your apps, create positive brand awareness, make quick sales and connect with your clients in an improved manner.

Whether it’s about the regular processes being automated or renovating the infrastructural needs or moving to the cloud, the right CRM Consultancy can guide and assist you to make inroads into the fierce business milieu of today. Now the burning question is, how do you choose the firm which can offer such services along with the peace of mind. Let’s discuss a few points:

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  • Salesforce Consulting Company provides a variety of services and solutions to satisfy the challenges and demands of an enterprise looking forward to accelerating its ROI. A good consultancy will understand the value of a cloud-based CRM software and help the organization access to data through the web without having to worry about any technical aspects of managing it. The on-premise model, which was popular 15 years ago are done away with Salesforce now which offers a more scalable and a streamlined approach towards business processes.
  • A competent Salesforce consultancy will provide the quintessential roles to implement the CRM on time. The roles will be based on the dimension of the projects handled. Some of them include-

1. Salesforce Administrator

Undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of mobile field service is mobility. Besides letting users access certain features while in the field, true mobility means complete functionality across any device—or even multiple devices at the same time. For this to work, a mobile field service management software needs to be cloud-based. Opting for a cloud-based field service solution, you’ll be able to access the entire functionality of the tool, irrespective of the device or the place that you are working, or how many users are accessing the same data simultaneously. That is real mobility.


And one thing to remember is that cloud-based mobile field service doesn’t need any expensive hardware installation; as long as your mobile device has internet capabilities, it will be able to access the application and even integrate it with your existing systems. Efficiency at your fingertips.

2. Salesforce Developer

The roles and responsibilities of a certified Salesforce Developer generally include the creation of the functionality. He/she is someone with a top-to-bottom knowledge and awareness of Salesforce and its list of opportunities.

3. Salesforce Implementation Expert

A Salesforce Implementation expert can help you realize the true potential of your business and witness substantial concrete results and process improvements. A certified Salesforce Implementation expert can help you with configurations, Salesforce data migrations, third-party integrations.

4. Salesforce Technical Architect

A Salesforce Technical Architect is someone who has rich and comprehensive knowledge across a wide range of platforms and draws their experience and skills to appraise the architecture and the requirements of customers. They also have rich expertise to structure a new or revamp an existing data model, role hierarchy, and appropriate sharing mechanisms.


  • As a business owner, you would expect that your clients get delighted every time they interact with your organization. But sometimes the reality hits you hard and it’s not bouquets always but brickbats too. As a trustworthy CRM, Salesforce can drastically improve your stance with your customers. And it begins with you choosing the right firm to guide you so that you can efficiently capture, manage, and resolve a high volume of customer issues that come in from a variety of communication channels.
  • It’s difficult to improve what you can’t measure. With the right implementation of Salesforce to you can regularly manage your customers, make informed decisions based on the accurate data generated, guide the sales team with the zones that they need to get involved and drive their numbers. This is all achievable with the right firm coming to your aid. A firm which develops solutions that deliver real value to your customers, which in turn should mean higher customer satisfaction.


Now, the criteria for choosing the right Salesforce consulting firm is endless. This goes hand in hand with the benefits of the Salesforce CRM and the firm’s knowledge about it. If a CRM consulting firm is unable to list out the advantages of Salesforce, then hiring such a firm would mean to sink your money into a black hole. Such firms offer vital training and support to help your employees get answers to their questions and transition to the Salesforce. A good Salesforce consultancy provides support services to your IT team and other staff members as they get adapted to the new system. You will be able to experience a smooth transition to Salesforce, eventually enabling a streamlined workflow that improves internal and external communications reducing operational expenses, gaining clarity of CRM metrics, and of course improving customer satisfaction. You will be better equipped to face the dynamic and radical business world. Speak with us if you want to become a part of this fascinating journey.

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Mohona is a Content Writer for the Marketing team in AhaApps since 2019. When she is not busy attending to her creative, technical side, she likes to binge on sitcoms on Netflix. She loves writing poems and reading short stories when she wants to break away from the humdrum of life.