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How to create an effective job title?

Creating an effective job title that suits the job role looks like a simple task. But it’s easier than it seems when you have so many parameters to consider.  Staffing solutions experts, candidates, recruitment specialists all seem to partake in the talent hunt game. So, here are a couple of things to remember when you start creating the job title and writing the description looking for the right talent-

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Short and sweet

Brevity is the soul of wit they say. This is true when you are jotting down the description for the job as well. No one has that kind of time to read paras after paras which might very well turn into a riveting bedtime story. Remember K.I.S.S., not the band, but the acronym- Keep It Simple Silly. You want your posting to make a mark, stand out, you also need to let people know and understand the purpose of the description. Be effective and efficient in communicating the portrayal of the job. Focusing on simplicity and precision will help you zero in on an accurate, effective job title.

Easy to find

When you want to talk about an opening in your company, you want to be different and sometimes you tend to be creative and flashy. But be a little careful. If you post for a title called Team Co-ordinator, most jobseekers will assume that it is in line with a Team Leader, Supervisor kind of designation. But in all honesty, it just might be a Senior Associate role.


Try to use SEO friendly words to view general terms that describe your open position. The autocomplete feature tells you what people commonly look for once you type in your first keyword or two. Choose the best fit from among the suggestions.

Avoid jargon

Staffing experts sometimes tend to use phrases or terms specific to their companies. Such as Digital Overlord, which can be a glammed-up way of saying a Website Manager. Hiring managers think that such offbeat job titles will attract the right person for the job. But here is the thing, outsiders do not know anything about your company-specific lingo and it’s best to avoid such terminologies. You will create a crowd of confused thinkers.


Titles like- Wizard of light bulb moments (Marketing Director) or a Grand Master of Underlings (Deputy Manager) might have a very specific meaning within your company, but jobseekers won’t know or understand whether they are applying for a fictional board game character or a real-time job opening.


Also, the use of cryptic lingo in the job title will hamper your job posting results because the language can drag down your ad’s ranking in search results. So, do not use numbers, codes, and company-specific terms in the job title but try to explain those terms in the body copy if they add value in context.

Aim for the jobseeker

As a recruitment specialist, staffing solutions expert or hiring manager jotting down the requisites of the job and the title, it can be inviting to think about other stakeholders involved in the process. You might try to get creative with the vocabulary in order to subtly inflate the position of other roles or to impress a client, stakeholder or supervisor.


Don’t go for flash or pizzazz. Remember, your aim is to hire the right talent, not to massage any egos or impress any stakeholder.

Don’t be verbose

Everyone wants to be different and not just be a face in the crowd. When it comes to the job title it pays to be boring. People try to reinvent, be cooler and more creative and make up these ridiculous titles, set them free online, and unfortunately, no one responds.  Keep the job title simple and allow a bit more stylistic freedom in the job description.


But don’t go overboard in the description, either. It’s still better to use conventional language to optimize search results. Search engines will reward your stylistic consistency with high rankings.

Get great talent

Finding good candidates begins with drafting the best job titles, but there’s definitely so much more to it. As SEO gets more complex, and job search platforms increase in number, you need to find ways to get your job postings noticed by the right kind of recruits. We can help you with finding the right candidates, expert recruiting advice and the latest hiring trends.

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