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Microsoft Dynamics 2021 release wave 2, an overview: Part 2

Continuing with our snippet of the Microsoft Dynamics 2021 release wave 2, we will be highlighting the rest of the capabilities and the new features and updates of the release. This second release wave of the year offers hundreds of new features and enhancements, demonstrating Microsoft’s continued investment to power digital transformation for their customers and partners.

This information is based on the initial documentation released by Microsoft, and as with any pre-release information, this is subject to change.

This is the final part of the blog.

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Fraud Protection

It will have multiple new features that enhance Payment Service Providers’ (PSPs) ability to offer Fraud Protection as a value-added service to all their merchants. PSPs will be able to integrate Fraud Protection easily into their existing infrastructure to manage PSPs taxonomies that encompass many merchants and multiple hierarchies within each merchant entity.

Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central focuses on the application enhancements that are designed to simplify and improve the way our partners administer tenants, and the way administrators manage licensing and permissions. Application enhancements expand the integration with Microsoft 365 and add country and regional expansions with over 10 new markets.


Dynamics 365 Guides will be updated to further leverage the hand tracking capabilities available on HoloLens 2, making Dynamics 365 Guides an easier to use and more intuitive application.

Remote Assist

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, as part of this release, will cascade Microsoft Teams meeting policies for Remote Assist users to simply configuration.

Customer Insights

Audience insights add capabilities to eliminate data silos and build a unified customer profile to provide intelligent insights and action for their B2C and B2B customers. For this release wave, in the B2B area, in addition to churn predictions for individual customer records, audience insights will predict the likelihood of churn for accounts using the same straightforward guided experience.


Data ingestion enhancements in Customer Insights include additional Power Query connectors and improvements to the data ingestion process. Engagement insights connect data sources from a variety of apps to enable interactive analytics over the web, mobile, connected products, and customer journey touchpoints.

Customer Voice

With this release, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is focused on facilitating actionable insights for survey owners to act on feedback. Survey owners will be able to get feedback insights quickly and use Power Automate to define custom workflows to engage the right person at the right time.

Microsoft Cloud for Industry Solutions

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare introduces a unified patient profile and activity timeline for better patient insights, improved ingestion of healthcare data into Microsoft Dataverse, and expansion to more countries and regions.


Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services focuses on differentiating customer experiences and increases customer retention through a unified customer profile. In addition, it provides transparent loan onboarding through process automation and integration with Microsoft Teams loan manager to reduce the time from interest to closing.


Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit launches two volunteering applications in this release: a volunteer management model-driven app for nonprofit staff to manage engagement opportunities and a Power Apps portal that integrates with nonprofit sites to span the volunteer recruitment efforts.


The customers and partners will be able to validate the latest features in a non-production environment soon. These features include user experience enhancements that will be automatically enabled for users in production environments during October 2021. To know more about the latest updates and changes in the Dynamics CRM ecosystem and how they can effect your industry, do connect with us.

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