Dynamics 365 for Sales Professionals

Cut through the distractions of the digital age with the customizable Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional. Tailor the software to suit your needs, processes, and goals.


Your business is always changing, and your software should change along with you.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales - AhaApps
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With Dynamics 365 for Business Professional, you have the ability to easily configure the program to fit your specific sales and business processes, and if those change over time as you grow, just change them! Also, only pay for what you need. Select the tools your business needs at the moment and add more capabilities as you grow. You can streamline sales workflows with this solution that can be compatible with applications that you already use, such as LinkedIn or Office 365. Your sales team can work on the go with rich and seamless mobile applications, and close deals quicker using real-time collaboration with colleagues and customers.


You can strengthen relationships with clients with interactions more suited to their needs, founded on contextual guidance and a combined view of customer activities. You can visualize the customer’s company and get clarity on the relationships among contacts using interactive org charts. Get better insights into your sales performance with informative dashboards and reports. With Dynamics 365 you can easily adapt the application for your specific sales requirements, and when you’re ready to expand, this flexible, scalable and secure platform grows alongside your business.


At AhaApps, we are excited about the options Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional can bring to your business. We help you develop connected processes to support you in selling more proficiently and provide actionable insights across your entire sales operation. The tool helps increase turnover by using built-in intelligence. Contact us to learn more.

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