By Sunil Raheja 

Microsoft Power BI: More than a Reporting Service

Here is just a tip of the iceberg video showing some of the capabilities of one of the most awesome products/services from the Microsoft stable. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s PowerBI!!!

Microsoft Power BI Reporting Service - AhaApps
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I was sort of pushed into learning PowerBI. Believe me, when I say, I would never want to learn a new Reporting service, otherwise. Like many other techies, even I thought that this sort of product/service has a long learning curve. But boy was I surprised when I started getting my hands dirty!


This is one of the easiest, most intuitive and most useful products that I have come across so far in my career. And since it can connect to so many (yes so many I can’t even give a number) different applications and databases, it can be used in any type of organization, large or small, IT or non-IT. Even if the organization does not use any other Microsoft product at all.


And before I forget to mention, Microsoft’s PowerBI team keeps a keen eye on the requests they get from the users/customers about what they want more from it(or if they are facing any issue with existing functionality). They keep on enhancing its features with every update. Club that with the whole effort that Microsoft is putting behind the PowerPlatform, and you get a solid reporting service to bank upon.


Go through this video and see for yourself. See how beautiful and colorful reports you can generate using PowerBI!!


I am well invested in it. And I am sure you would be too, once you start looking into it.

Author’s bio:

Sunil Raheja has been associated with AhaApps as a Dynamics Practice Head since 2019. He is extremely passionate about Dynamics and loves to solve the challenges posed in the domain using his logical ability and expertise. If he isn’t being a Dynamics superhero, in his spare time, he likes to take up a new hobby-currently it’s woodworking. Sunil is a meditator and is a staunch believer in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.