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Why PowerApps? A Brief About Its Benefits

A lot of enterprises are acquainted with the challenges to collate data effortlessly and cost-effectively. While smart devices like phones and tablets have developed rapidly, complex business-related applications have a slow pace.


Apps have proven to be a constraint on the company’s finances to develop and are sometimes very slow in the making. Customization has been a concern and most often, integrating the data from the new apps into current systems has been a great cause of distress and even data loss.


The time when organizations would need to spend several months and even years together on creating the best app for their services doesn’t exist anymore.

Why PowerApps A brief about its benefits - AhaApps

Several ‘low /no-code’ development platforms are gaining momentum mostly, because it gives anyone the capability to go build an app within weeks, with nominal knowledge of the fundamental software development.


This ability stands out as a strong trait for anyone and everyone, within a relatively short span of time, who can get a bit ahead in the race for excellence.


Microsoft’s PowerApps solves these problems, and smartly, too. As it belongs to the Microsoft family there are absolutely no issues with compatibility, and it’s been created to work effortlessly with other sources.


PowerApps has been designed keeping the speed of implementation in mind. Apps can be created and launched within a short span of time as compared to other methods. Now let’s talk about a few benefits that implementing PowerApps in your organization may have in brief:

Hassle-free delivery:

To reiterate, a software development (& management) lifecycle can be quite intricate. It’s not a surprise this kind of complexity invites a rise in the cost of building & maintaining your IT ecosystem. PowerApps will, through quicker delivery and out-of-the-box connections/functions, decrease the cost of building & maintaining business apps.


You can easily Make your apps mobile, tablet and desktop friendly within the same time. Your team can collaborate seamlessly and in real-time. Your company can witness a faster/higher ROI by using PowerApps.

Cohesion between need and application:

One of the biggest drawbacks in a software delivery project is the disparity between what was required and what has been delivered.


However, the expectations still need to be translated into functional requirements, technical design and a briefing towards the developers. Now amidst all the boardroom discussions between so many stakeholders, there is a strong chance of these business needs getting misinterpreted. PowerApps will help in this kind of a situation.


Agreed, the problems won’t vanish just like that, but the chances of misinterpretations will significantly reduce.

Building bridges between departments:

Sometimes, there might be a little friction between certain stakeholders and your IT team. And as a decision-maker, you cannot sit and resolve inter-departmental issues all the time.


Most of the time, the stakeholders might not be pleased with the final app solution and your IT team may come back saying, the requirements were miscommunicated.


With PowerApps, you can witness these two entities work in harmony (hopefully!) as discussed earlier, this app reduces the time from inception till delivery. So, there will be less time spent on discussing the turnaround time or the budget or misinterpretations of the requirements, etc.

Versatile in nature:

Microsoft PowerApps is definitely powered to use in cloud-based environments, but it’s not restricted to remote storage connections. If there are on-site servers then PowerApps can effortlessly connect with them as well as draw on cloud-based data.


The connection and flow of information are essentially continuous. Security protocols are steered flawlessly to guarantee data flow is secure between all locations.


If your business is trying to achieve consistent data collection, or you’re looking for more effective means of processing information, Microsoft PowerApps may be the answer for you. When joined with complementary platforms like Flow, BI and Dynamics 365 there is a huge possibility to elevate the performance of your business to the next level.


It won’t be wrong to say that PowerApps has drastically changed and quickened how business applications are created, in reducing time to figure an answer from weeks or months to minutes and helping a business grow in leaps and bounds. In case you are looking to increase your business productivity, do connect with us and we will guide you.

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