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Using Power BI for Employee Engagement

In simple terms employee engagement is an approach that results in suitable conditions for all the members of an enterprise to give their best every day, committed to their company’s values, driven to contribute to the success of the business, with a heightened sense of their own well-being.


It’s about getting up in the morning and feeling all zesty to give your best, filled with bright ideas that are ready to be executed and accomplish your daily goals with a dash of enthusiasm.


Gallup, a leading global analytics and advisory firm have been studying employee engagement since 2000, and every year the research findings seem to grow a little more troubling.

Using Power BI for Employee Engagement - AhaApps

You may feel that they show up for work every day and clock in and out on time-but come to think of it, it definitely isn’t the same thing as feeling committed to the organization’s goals.

Low employee engagement in the workplace isn’t something new. The wave of digital transformation has caused a seismic wave and it isn’t going to stop so soon.

With this, we have a flux of business application tools in the market. And today, we will talk about using one such BI tool for employee engagement and enhancing their performance-Power BI.

Power up the engagement with BI

The way to manage employees has changed over the last couple of years owing to the way data gets generated. It becomes a tad difficult to create an environment or an approach for engagement if you, as a business owner are clueless about the way your employees spend their time at work.


Sure, you don’t want to babysit or police them, but keeping a standardized report on what happens during office hours is not going to do any harm. Here comes the usefulness of Power BI. With its customized dashboard, you can find openings to approach unengaged or underperforming employees and take quick action.


One of the biggest challenges involves ensuring that your employers are productive and efficient during office hours. Using Power BI analytics, you can start to understand how your employees are spending their time each day in the office and in case there is questionable usage of time, you can certainly take a call and prevent it from happening again.


It also serves as a catalyst for cost savings by reducing distractions and improving employee productivity.

Let them see!

A healthy work environment is extremely essential and it should be fostered from day one. Building a strong rapport with the colleagues and appreciating them and enjoying the work atmosphere will keep your employees self-motivated for so long.


With Power BI you will have insights into how an employee’s or team’s efforts have impacted your bottom line, and it’s advisable that you share these insights with your employees. As it is a self-service tool, your employees will be able to understand their performance graph.


Viewing the insights will give the Supervisors a heads up about employees who are disengaged and provide suggestions or tools that could help improve motivation and performance.


You have to ensure your employees are given the right tools they need to be efficient and productive, so it’s important to monitor how well they are doing and if there are any areas of improvement or growth available.

Create attainable objectives

Without proper data, it’s difficult to know where your organization is heading and where will you land. With BI reports in your kitty, you can set reachable goals and objectives for your employees to attain.


These goals will aim to help in your company’s growth, and provide an assessment as to how your employees can contribute towards success. Establish expectations that align combine client data with company goals. The aim is to give employees a more detailed description of the organization’s direction and the best approach to achieve individual and company goals.


You can then work with them to review the skills they have and schedule training sessions to instruct them on industry strategies and concepts. This approach could include methods to increase engagement, reduce attrition, augment employee training, increase internal growth and role changes and recognize talent gaps that exist, among other insights.

Identify and eliminate talent gaps

As discussed previously, Power BI can help you detect your staff’s strengths and weaknesses. And in a few cases, this could require getting someone new on board, but most of the time, talent gaps can be filled by providing the right kind of tools and training opportunities.


With the data that you have collated from the extensive and visually appealing Power BI dashboards, you can identify the gaps easily. By tapping into data about your employees, business objectives, and customer retention rates, you can classify areas where training could be valuable. Investing in your employees can help create a better sense of loyalty and fresh energy for approaching tasks.

Rewards and Recognition

Data shouldn’t be the only factor for you to identify challenges. With the right kind of data generated through Power BI, you will be able to recognize your well-performing employees who are adding value to your organization and reward them accordingly.


Positive reinforcement of good behavior helps both the employee being rewarded and those around them who learn from example. Offering incentives that could definitely promote employee engagement and help them feel valued, such as an extra day off, a chance to work on a new project, or more flexibility such as work from home.


Always remember, when employees feel their work is getting recognized and appreciated, they feel like they are a part of something bigger, as a result, they become more productive and engaged. This sense of accomplishment helps to increase the overall morale of your organization as well.

To sum up

Power BI can help to foster a culture of employee care by using data to identify requirements and finding solutions.


This could range from analyzing the results of employee satisfaction surveys and comparing them with the efficiency levels to discover areas of concern, or even analyzing exit interviews to pinpoint exactly where the problem was. When you connect with the power of BI reports, you give yourself the chance to identify areas of development, as well as the control to increase your ROI and meet your business objectives.


Power BI insights can help you learn how to best invest in your team and maximize results.


At AhaApps we know, that if you are not using Power BI to improve the life of your employees and to boost your bottom line, you could be missing out on priceless data insights. We can help you engage the prowess of Power BI for the best outcome possible.

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