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The average cost of poor data quality on businesses amounts to anywhere between $9.7 million and $14.2 million annually. At the macro level, bad data is estimated to cost the US more than $3 trillion per year. (Source) Are you ready to transform the way you handle your data? We, at AhaApps, use Microsoft Power BI to create an efficient management system through data visualization for you to make the right decisions.

Power BI is the latest business analytics tool in the repository of Microsoft. It has changed the way businesses are operated with the help of strong visualization methods which lets you assess the trends and facts in your data, enabling you to make better real-time decisions. With Power BI, you can do away with complex dashboards and navigate, view information and collaborate more effectively than ever before. You will be able to embrace a data-driven culture in your organization with Microsoft Power BI. Powerful insights which are cost-effective will help your business grow, provide better customer service and make investments which lead to higher ROI.

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Seamless Integration

Power BI easily integrates with your existing technical ecosystem. Data stored anywhere in the cloud can be extracted into a centralized, easy-to-digest dashboard. It is cleansed and brought to the shape that you want. No more complicated manual exports and imports.

Robust Control & Security

Power BI automates access to data on a row level. You can now control what and who can view the reports. With this feature, you can now set the parameters of what can be viewed. This makes data more secure and enhances the utilization of your reports.

Forecasting & low costs

You can extract data from various sources, identify a pattern and contributing factors and make well-informed business decisions. With Power BI you will retain ownership of the data always and can perform the analysis internally. This is highly cost-effective for your enterprise.

Effective Data Culture

Employees work based on data and not on opinions. With Power BI’s reports that are informative, intuitive and accessible, capitalize on your employees’ natural data expertise and create and grow a “data culture” alongside other aspects of your company culture.

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What AhaApps can do for you?

Our Data Engineering experts at AhaApps understand the dynamics of an enterprise. We are collaborative and immersive in approach when it comes to conceptualizing a Power BI solution for your enterprise. We believe in deep diving into the problem areas with our clients, asking the right questions and help eradicate them with the help of custom-made CRM solutions. AhaApps understands that as business owners, you need to keep up with the changing times.

With the right technology, in-depth analysis, out-of-the-box strategies, and knowledge, we provide a tailored platform for a seamless and hassle-free operation. Our USP lies in our approach to cater to all kinds of organizations-be it a sports management conglomerate, a non-profit foundation, or a company that manufactures pillow covers. We know how Power BI can radically change the way you operate your business and we are here to help.

End-to-end implementation

Most enterprises fear that their business needs might die an untimely death when they meet with technology. Our Power BI professionals collaborate extensively with you and/or your BA so that your requirements aren’t lost in translation. We create a definitive implementation plan to execute your business needs in a timely fashion.

Powerful dashboards

Our Data engineers will create Power BI solutions for visualization and aggregation of data from across multiple sources. With Power BI and our team of experts, you will be able to see your data appear as colorful, vivid, comprehensive dashboards helping you to gain quick insights to make educated decisions.

Data modeling

A roadmap is created by our skilled professionals to efficiently execute a data analytics strategy. The data will be cleansed and prepared by our trained experts by using best Power BI practices. This will further reduce the time of implementation and help you format a better business strategy.

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