Salesforce Recruitment Process and Secrets of Hiring Talent

Recruitment strategies in Salesforce

Ana Recio, head of recruiting at Salesforce in one of her interviews, talks about the approach that her hiring team takes when interviewing their future workforce. Salesforce has been listed as the second-best company in the 2019 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. The credit lies in the method of recruitment, the vision to build a happy and loyal team.

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Endorsing values

Salesforce uses assessment tools when it comes to hiring the right talent. Of course, a candidate’s skill set and competencies come in to play as well. Recio believes that Salesforce focuses largely on the values the company upholds, and this helps them in their selection process. A future employee would want to be associated with an organization which values factors like trust, generosity, equality and so on. It ceases to be just the ‘culturally fit’ tag but encompasses a whole lot of aspects which makes the company what it stands for. This is reflected during the recruitment process and a candidate is able to see that Salesforce focuses not only what do they bring to the table, but what do they represent as well-their background, principles and so on.

Focus on competencies

Salesforce emphasizes on selecting candidates based on their competencies instead of choosing them based on their personalities.


Recio recalls an incident wherein they had been recruiting talent-based enterprise software experience in the sales domain. So, they had been looking for people who had that type of background, and as they wanted to widen their talent pool, an extensive analysis was conducted to find out about the top performers and their background prior to Salesforce. They found out that a majority of the top performers didn’t come from an enterprise software background but from various CRM setups wherein they had either sold CRM or used it. This helped them build a strategy to employ the role of competencies on the forefront, create a global standard across the board. This method extended to all levels of recruitment-be it for Salesforce CRM developer or an executive. Hiring based on personality traits was one of the criteria but the focal point remained on competencies.


This competency model for hiring helped Salesforce reinvent its recruitment process as being more efficient. Recio remarks that they choose to highlight the competency level of a candidate during an interview and do away with the gray areas. She also emphasized that Salesforce advocates a diverse sensibility and as such women and minorities, gain a favorable hiring experience. This has resulted in the acceleration in their hiring rates.

Unbiased candidate experience

Salesforce believes in creating a favorable workplace for all to succeed. The organization sensitizes all levels of hierarchy to help this process. They have come up with a mandatory module called ‘Hiring the Salesforce way’, which has to be completed by any who interviews with Salesforce. The segment covers its inclusivity policy and equality values. They want to make everyone cognizant of the principles Salesforce stands for and the competencies relevant to each role.

According to Recio, this system has been able to “deliver a consistent, unbiased, [and] inclusive candidate experience.” Salesforce uses a two-pronged approach when it comes to the talent’s experience, to make it as impartial and inclusive as possible while contesting unconscious bias during the recruitment process. This feat is achieved through training and recognizing competencies. She believes that companies looking to broaden their recruiting efforts should focus on training and awareness. The payoffs are excellent.

For assessing competencies, Salesforce utilizes an inhouse tool wherein candidates are evaluated based on a series of questions depending on their role and level of competency.  This tool helps them identify competent candidates who can flourish in their environment and at the same time have a great hiring experience.

Advocating great experience

Salesforce wants to provide a fair interviewing experience for all candidates whether they are selected or not. The hiring team is trained to offer feedback and sign off on a positive note, to ensure that they understand that the role wasn’t cut out for them. Salesforce helps candidates in improving their competencies through the use of the mandatory training module. Even if they aren’t able to walk the premises of their office, the candidate can surely walk away a bit more aware.

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