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As a certified Salesforce consultant, AhaApps specializes in helping your business maximize your investment in Salesforce.


The CRM Global Leader

For nearly two decades, Salesforce has been the global industry leader for SaaS CRM applications. Their dominance has allowed them to perfect the process of delivering a cloud-based service. Their ability to execute is second to none. If you run a large organization and reliability is paramount, then Salesforce might be right for you.

Service Cloud - AhaApps

Service Cloud

AhaApps helps organizations use Salesforce Service Cloud to improve worker & customer experience.

Sales Cloud - AhaApps

Sales Cloud

Find more customers, close deals faster, and grow accounts by partnering with AhaApps.

Lightning Experience - AhaApps

Lightning Experience

See how AhaApps can help you unlock the full potential of this faster, simpler CRM platform.

Service Cloud

Deliver consistent and convent service through multiple channels.

Enhance Customer Interactions

By using sophisticated account views and case management capabilities Service Cloud’s customer portal enables customers to track their own cases and even join in social networking conversations.

Omni-Channel Support

From telephone and email to popular social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, Service Cloud’s omni-channel integration allows you to resolve cases faster and easier.

Sales Cloud

Close more deals anytime, anywhere.

Lead Management System

Track your leads from click to close, while continually optimizing your campaigns across every channel.

Workflow and Approvals

Use Visual Workflow to rapidly design and automate any business process with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Tracking and Forecasting

Stay on top of your business with complete team forecast visibility and real-time sales insights.

Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience?

For many enterprises, upgrading to Lightning Experience can be intimidating and come with a hefty price tag. At AhaApps, we are experts in making the transition seamless and worthwhile. From back-end development to front-end training and user adoption, we partner with you from beginning to end.

Salesforce Field Operations - AhaApps

Not sure if Salesforce is for you?​

Our team is also well-versed in Microsoft Dynamics.

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