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Wave 2 release updates for Omnichannel for Customer Service in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Omnichannel for customer service in Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers to connect and engage customers across different digital messaging channels. You can enable chat, SMS, and social channels like Facebook, Twitter in your organization using omnichannel.


We can sign up for 30 days of free trial to experience omnichannel for customer service.  There are some features that are going to be available as a part of the 2020 August release wave 2


So, what’s new in the August 2020 update:


  • Persistent messaging for chats (Public preview Available Jan 2021): Right now, the history of chats is available as a transcript. This update will make the chat history available in the new chat session for the re-engaging customer. It will help the representative to reduce the time taken to find transcripts and read them.
  • Embedding chat in mobile experiences (Available OCT 2020): This feature will enable several ways to enable chat widgets into mobile apps. We can embed chat widget using WebView and React Native Mobile SDK for Omnichannel.
  • Outbound messaging (General availability October 2020, preview available): This feature is very useful because it will enable us to send notifications based on certain events about appointments or support tickets information to the customers dynamically using the customer’s preferred channel.
  • Post-conversation surveys using Dynamics 365 Customer Voice (General availability Oct 2020, preview available): Useful for customer satisfaction surveys and offers offline surveys. It will support “Inline surveys for web chat” and “Embedded link-based surveys for all other channels”.
  • Real-time language translation of messages (General availability Oct 2020, preview available): This feature will enable real-time language translations. It is very useful because it’s difficult to find agents who know multiple languages or languages that the business supports.
  • Agent personalization of quick replies (General availability Oct 2020, preview available Sep 2020): This feature enables service representatives to store commonly used replies and phrases so that they can send those messages with a click. This will ensure fast replies to customers.
  • Agent personalization of sound notifications (General availability Oct 2020, preview available Sep 2020): Agents can personalize sound notifications for incoming conversations which helps them to distinguish different sessions.
  • Agent suggestions for cases similar to the conversation (General availability Oct 2020, preview available Sep 2020): This feature will provide suggestions to representatives about similar cases while they are chatting which will help the agent to quickly resolve the cases.


This feature includes-


  • AI-driven case suggestions based on case context and historical success rate.
  • Secondary actions that agents can take, such as collaborate with an expert, after a similar case has been found.
  • Continuous improvement of the recommendation model through a comprehensive feedback mechanism
  • Agent suggestions for knowledge articles (General availability Oct 2020, preview available Sep 2020): This feature will help to provide the most applicable knowledge articles quickly. This feature includes
    • AI-driven knowledge article suggestions based on case context and historical success rate.
    • A comprehensive feedback mechanism to continuously improve the recommendation model.
  • App profile manager for multisession apps (General availability Oct 2020, preview available Sep 2020): This feature is an out-of-box solution and helps organizations create target app experience for agents and supervisors.


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