By Mohona Dutta

Why Employers Hire Staffing Solutions Providers

Imagine this! On Friday morning you arrive at work and receive an email from your Salesforce developer saying that she is quitting. Panic strikes. Because there is a crucial project with a rather difficult client (who doesn’t take no for an answer) and which needs to meet the deadline soon. You start making calls for getting the new developer hired and realize that the day has just gone like that.


This is perhaps one of the most common staffing struggles that a lot of enterprises come across, having to replace or hire talent. Business owners would want to hire new employees, but there might be chances that they often run into problems. There is a whole gamut of endless searches, sifting resumes, reviewing them, scheduling interviews, background verifications, to name a few. At times the focus deviates for an entrepreneur, whether to put out other fires or get back into talent hunting.

Why Employers hire Staffing Solutions - AhaApps

Searching for candidates and that too the right one takes a lot of time. And this is perhaps one of the primary reasons that most organizations prefer hiring staffing services firms to make it easier. Staffing agencies are a great resource if you have a time constraint and need to find a qualified employee quickly. Here are a few points which will highlight the practicality of outsourcing hiring needs to staffing solutions providers:


Staffing agencies are just an extension of the existing HR department in your organization. Hiring a new candidate requires a certain amount of time that the hiring managers may not have. Hiring a staffing agency helps your HR team to focus on the current requirements of the department and not stress over reviewing piles of resumes, scheduling interviews and so on.

Moreover, staffing solutions providers usually specialize in various types of recruitment depending on the duration of the project. Be it short, long, permanent or temporary. Such agencies always have a solution to staffing challenges. So, if your company needs an extra set of hands instantly, they have talents that are available on a moment’s notice to ease the workload of your current employees.

With AhaApps staffing solutions, the lengthy list of applicants is narrowed to a handful. All that the clients have to do is meet up with the consultants and choose the one who best fits the role. We aim to help you increase productivity with a definitive diminished screening process.


Over a period of time, staffing agencies are able to build a healthy rapport with both the candidates and the hiring managers.  Due to their long-lasting relationships with both the parties, it becomes slightly convenient to understand the pulse of each group. The search for a candidate becomes a little easier, as the agency gauges the requirement quickly and finds the right talent within the shortest time possible. They are able to keep businesses fully staffed during hectic hours or when special projects are in the works and additional expertise might be required.


We, at AhaApps, have a strong relationship with all our clients for more than a decade now. Our relationship is based on honesty and transparency. We do not suggest solutions to clients which we ourselves might not use. We think of them as a part of our extended family and work twice as hard so that they don’t have to.


Staffing agencies, to reiterate the previous point usually have a good standing relationship with both the organizations and prospective candidates. So, they possess an understanding of the requirements of the hiring manager and the needs of the jobseeker. While scouting for a candidate, the staffing solution provider will look for a candidate who fits the job requirement-such as qualifications, credentials and also will assess the talent based on the personality; whether he/she will be able to adjust in your company’s culture. They conduct various assessments to analyze their logical, analytical skills, their role in group discussions, and so on.  If for any reason the hire doesn’t check all the boxes, staffing firms usually replace them as soon as possible.


We have always believed in being open about the solutions that we provide our clients. If we observe that the consultant hired is underperforming and the client’s productivity might hit, we have immediately suggested a replacement. We are known to actually practice the keep in touch slogan literally. We visit our client’s time and time again, in order to discuss the progress of the consultant or any kind of feedback that they have for us to improve.


Staffing agencies are cost-effective. Together with taxes, payroll, worker’s comp, and other benefits, the firms also remove the costs of listing jobs. As we know an empty chair can incur a lot of hidden costs, with the right staffing agency, an enterprise can save up on the time, money, resources, etc.  Some of the new hire costs are usually absorbed by the staffing solution provider and sometimes they take care of the onboarding and training for new employees as well.

We provide the cost-effective staffing solutions for our clients. we have the reach, experience, and know-how you need from your staffing solutions provider. With our help, our clients have chosen the right consultant to fit the bill and our clients have been able to enjoy the benefits of dedication, longevity, and productivity.

We strive hard for our clients to be happy with our CRM consulting & staffing services. Save time, money and avoid being stressed. Contact us for more information, today.

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Mohona is a Content Writer for the Marketing team in AhaApps since 2019. When she is not busy attending to her creative, technical side, she likes to binge on sitcoms on Netflix. She loves writing poems and reading short stories when she wants to break away from the humdrum of life.