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Nonprofits And Client Engagement With Microsoft Dynamics 365

It’s a common piece of knowledge that acquiring new clients are a strain on the pocket than keeping the existing ones. Therefore, it isn’t surprising at all that retaining existing clients, donors must be the focus of the CRM strategy of many nonprofits.

Users need to emphasize on helping their staff engage with the beneficiaries, donors to strengthen the relationship by digging deeper into their needs.


To continue with maintaining the loyalty of the existing clients, take care of the future costs and acquire new donors and members, it is important to utilize the various functions offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.


It empowers your staff to manage client engagement with its intuitive interface and enable the handoff to the sales team better.

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Connecting proactively with clients, donors, members

  • Depending on the client’s interaction history, their preferences, and other inputs that can help intensify user engagement, Dynamics CRM helps increasing client, donor satisfaction by providing a variety of methods to divide your client, prospect and partner data, and further create a targeted list. This will help in personalizing communication.
  • Dynamics 365 helps nonprofits with the database to track membership expiry dates, information and other time-sensitive detail to schedule automated emails that help boost membership rates. It also automates event management emails for nonprofits, starting from inviting the clients by processing invitation reminders, to follow-ups post the events and addressing subsequent leads.
  • Dynamics 365 helps identify the inactive donors, clients in your database to connect with them with convincing offers for re-engagement thereby heightening the revenue. It also provides the opportunity to understand why the particular member had been inactive for a long time. And whether it has got to anything with your campaigns, programs not matching up to the donor’s expectations or not.

Remarkable service delivery

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement helps you to deliver your donors, beneficiaries, volunteers, clients with personalized service experience and provides relationship and process detail across different devices.
  • Your teams can use case management tools, with workflow automation helps track issues for clear visibility of outstanding client service requests and items. And in the case of knowledge management, case routing and queue function Dynamics 365 can help radically transform the service delivery experience.
  • Dynamics 365 improves client, donor services with an automated email notification that helps them keep updated on the progress for service requests, and their statuses.
  • With Dynamics 365 integration with Microsoft’s Social Engagement tool, you can create actions when issues are detected.


Dynamics 365 helps capture your client’s feedback on a timely basis. It is in the form of feedback reports, email alerts, and reports that helps you understand and assess the performance towards taking remedial measures regarding any challenges.


You can recognize areas of improvement, recurring challenge zones and strategize a sturdy plan to manage them effectively.


Your donors, members, beneficiaries, volunteers are at the heart of your organization. You must pay attention to their requests, expectations to gain their loyalty for the long haul and garner an impressive impact as well.


This era is for the client. No industry can thrive without understanding and meeting the expectations of the clients. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can enhance your processes, increase sales and witness an astounding change in productivity.


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