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5 Benefits of Field Service Management Software

Field service management software is becoming much more commonplace, as a diverse array of solutions hit the market from the likes of Microsoft Dynamics field service, Salesforce and others.  Field service operations teams are starting to consider how they can integrate these tools into their everyday business routine whether it is to get real time information on parts availability that connect to supply chain systems or to talk to ERP systems to generate an invoice. The good news is that there are several solutions available, so every organization should be able to find the ideal fit.


Plus, integrating field service management software allows you to cut down on the paper trails, creating a greener operation in the field by giving your agents digital tools instead of pens and paper. Here are five other big perks of integrating field management software as part of your operations.

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Benefit 1 – Improved Efficiency and Consistency

Inefficient processes waste resources. Not only that, but you also cannot deliver a consistent experience with traditional field management operations methods.


Take for example, creating a standardized way for your techs to deal with certain kinds of work orders. With a good field management system you can create customized checklists that everyone in the organization adheres to, thereby creating a consistent customer experience.


Companies adapting/utilizing field service systems that provide the right information at the right time are the species not only surviving but thriving in the competitive landscape. Today’s field service organizations are competing with a wider audience which means the status quo can be an expensive affair.


When things are more efficient, they’re also more consistent. A well devised field service system will make it easy to streamline information and share data and create consistency throughout your organization.

Benefit 2 – Real-Time Access to Valuable Data and Information

Field service management software rarely lives in isolation. Sophisticated customizations include grabbing data from ERP systems, supply chain systems, asset management systems, PLM (product lifecycle management) and possibly other homegrown applications that talk to a variety of databases. Field service systems such as Microsoft Dynamics are equipped with resources to deliver real-time reporting tools, providing data and information on demand for techs in the field as well as those in the back office. This benefits technicians, clients, and your field service operations all around.

Benefit 3 – Improved Brand Reputation and Perception

Every organization hinges on having a good brand reputation and perception. Each time that your field service agents interact with a customer, they’re going to form an impression of the tech as well as the company itself. When you’re utilizing a well built system, you’re making things more consistent and efficient, as we discussed above, which lends a lot to your reputation. Customers really don’t care how cool your technology is but they do care about the experience you provide. The best tools in your tech’s hands that are carefully designed for ease of use help create best impressions with your customers.


When you make the right moves with field service management software, you’ll be showing your techs and your clients alike that you’re prepared for the future and all the perks that it brings and positioning your brand as one that customers can count on.

Benefit 4 – Improved Experience for Customers and Technicians

When you’re operating better and have a better process in place, you’re going to improve the experience, both for your customers and your technicians alike. Field service operations will run much more smoothly, and you’ll find fewer complaints from end users and clients. Techs won’t be running late or showing up unprepared, which means people will get the experience that they deserve and then when they decide to leave reviews, it’ll be because they have only the best comments for your company.


Technicians will feel empowered to do their jobs and do them well, with access to real-time data and inventory information, billing and pricing details, and even constant communication with supervisors or others back at the office who may be involved in the field service operations process or field service management.

In some industries tech’s benefit from the ability to record information even when there is no internet or phone connection and then sync back later. Resco’s platform really shines in this area,  which is the best of the breed tools out there. Microsoft Dynamics Field service’s backend ran on Resco’s platform until recently. This is one area that can set you apart if offline access is essential for your business and tech’s have a great experience.

Giving people the tools to do their jobs successfully can do a lot more than you realize. Customer experience is king and the companies that focus on it build a competitive advantage.

Benefit 5 – Reduced Operating Costs and Improved Profitability

All of this leads to reduced operating costs, as well as an increase in profitability for the organization as a whole. Field service management software streamlines everything and makes it easier for your organization to conduct business, no matter how many field agents you have. It also ensures that you have the best data to streamline your business operations and ensure that you’re making the right moves in your field service management and monitoring.


When techs have better tools, you’ll have less to pay in overtime, customer refunds, and other resources that you use daily to do your business. When things are running efficiently and you’re working at peak levels, you’ll increase customer loyalty and retention and continue to watch your bottom line grow.

The Bottom Line

Speaking of the bottom line, in this case, it is to start thinking not about whether you need field service management software, but which software is right for your field service operations. From modular solutions to scalable cloud-based platforms that don’t break the bank, there’s a solution out there for just about everyone. Take the time to explore what’s out there and find the field service management solutions to take your organization to the next level.


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