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Nonprofits and the need for mobile field service solutions

Human beings find it easier to absorb information through the medium of visuals. In a business scenario, visualization helps narrate a story to the one’s calling the shots in an organization, helping them to act swiftly than if the data were presented as reports.


Data visualization pertains to presenting raw data through graphical depictions that allow viewers—business analysts and executives—to explore the data a bit more comprehensively and discover deep insights. This visual presentation allows one to make informed decisions since it is convenient for people to decipher information through visuals rather than the raw data.

Benefits of Data Visualization Tools in Salesforce

Nowadays, enterprises across spheres are willing to record user interactions with their products or services to identify tendencies, patterns, anything to gain an understanding into their target market and make suitable business decisions that will push them towards success and improve their overall performance.

When you talk about data visualization, Salesforce can’t be left behind. Being one of the most prolific CRMs of today, has reaped the benefits of data visualization fully. It needs to be understood that an effective data visualization software should, allow organizations of all sizes to gather, appraise, and express data rationally and consistently.

Here are a few quintessential qualities that an effective data visualization tool should have:

  • Should be able to create tasks within the program organizing records for easy retrieval
  • Linking databases or other important files to the application to generate visualizations
  • Comparison of data based on various factors
  • Alter or adjust the information provided to review visualizations in real-time

Now the next question that should crop up is, why to use data visualization in Salesforce. One of the primary reasons most companies are choosing Salesforce as their go-to CRM is based on the easy accessibility of multiple groups to unified customer information. In such scenarios, traditional reports and dashboards will not yield effective results. Time is of the essence here. No one wants to spend hours together to sift through rallies of information concerning one client but wants the details in a jiffy and all in one place. Here lies the magic of data visualization.  Let’s talk about a few benefits of data visualization from the whole gamut of pros, in brief.

  • Visualized data is understood and processed quickly. Visuals have a swifter grasping ability than any other medium. When your team is overloaded with information, visuals help them to process data faster and rule out the redundant parts easily. You save time.
  • The spreadsheet era is no longer valid. Modern technology has helped data metamorphosize into appealing, easy to understand charts, graphs, and dashboards. Research shows that around 65% of the people are visual learners and data visualization tools help them comprehend information in an easier fashion.
  • Imagine going through rows and rows of data just to extract one single detail. Chances are you might miss some crucial segments as well. With data visualization tools, this kind of hit and miss scenario is almost close to none. Salesforce can create visualizations based on the criteria of information. Such as -sales by month, person or area.
  • With data visualization tools in Salesforce, you can increase productivity and sales. Identifying a trend in sales is much easier when the report isn’t a treasure hunt amidst an Amazonian jungle. It’s colorful, right in your face. Improving sales, taking actionable decisions through lucid data insights becomes much easier.

For Salesforce to function full steam, data visualization has opened new pathways. For organizations, CRM is a tool that transforms the way business operates, be it building strategies, making decisions, improving processes and so on. Data visualizations allow decision-makers to be notified quickly of new data insights and take necessary actions for business growth. AhaApps has spent a substantial amount of time in the Salesforce and Dynamics 365 domain to understand the impact that it can create in today’s erratic market scenarios. Speak with us today to transform your business. We also suggest you have a look at our other blogs talking about data visualization tools such as Power BI:

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