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Benefits of Microsoft Power BI in the Healthcare Industry

With the innumerable tools and applications that exist today, organizations are able to understand their own analytics and discover powerful insights. Microsoft Power BI ushers advanced analytics to the daily organizational decision process, allowing users to excerpt useful knowledge from data to overcome challenges.


Data is omnipresent. The world contains a gargantuan amount of data, an amount that grows greater and larger each day.


This vast collection of information has transformed the way the world interacts, uncovered breakthroughs in medicine, and revealed new ways to comprehend trends in business and in our daily lives.

Benefits of Microsoft Power BI - AhaApps

Let’s talk about healthcare for instance. Healthcare data is complicated. Organizations have to track everything from patient satisfaction scores to insurance claim processing times, staffing schedules, anomalies, etc.


Power BI make it possible to generate detailed visualizations and help find the trends and patterns that are pivotal.


  • Insights can be derived by healthcare providers for reducing costs, increasing revenue, and improving patient care while being compliant and following regulations by integrating Power BI. Besides, Power BI can also provide healthcare organizations greater visibility into their data and can collect real-time insights for their key performance indicators (KPIs). This tool has largely contributed to many areas of the healthcare industry.
  • The information on the Power BI dashboard can be as complicated or as simple. For instance, if you want a complete picture of a hospital’s budget, cost/revenue at one go, a dozen financial charts on a single page can be visualized. Or, if you want to view just one healthcare data set, like room turnover times, the Power BI dashboard will only show you the data related to this specific section.
  • One of the main reasons why Power BI dashboards are indispensable is because they help users make sense of many different sets of data at once. With Power BI healthcare providers can keep a tab on every aspect of the institution such as-
  • Internal operations
  • The patient’s experience and
  • Staffing agendas/schedules
  • When patient satisfaction scores are low, it’s difficult to isolate the exact cause. Is it because of the waiting room? Or, is the doctor’s bedside manner poor? Or, more amenities in patients’ rooms should be provided? Rather than doing an array of guesswork and wasting money and time on solutions that have little or no effect, Power BI dashboards show you evidence-based causes and solutions on a single platform. You can fix what is broken-literally.
  • Power Bi is a boon when it comes to internal communications among staff, management, and stakeholders. It makes the process much smoother. A common issue that most medical facilities face because of several departments that handle different aspects of the business is that they rarely interact with each other directly. For instance, surgeons and stakeholders may never have a direct conversation with each other. However, both are indirectly impacted by each other’s needs and goals. A surgeon requires the best medical equipment and qualified support staff to perform surgeries safely. Investors and stakeholders want to extend excellent care to patients, but they expect to get a return on their investments as well. Besides the humanitarian cause, they have an interest in running the hospital as efficiently as possible. Power BI dashboards make it easier to share important reports with all members of the team and ask for feedback or ideas.


Power BI provides a 360-degree view of your most important metrics—in one pane, updated in real-time, and available on all of your devices-desktops, tabs, mobiles. With one click, you can explore data using instinctive tools to quickly find answers and discover new insights.


Power BI allows you to dig deep into your data while being productive and creative with what you build. And it is so easy to use and not too harsh on your pocket!


If you don’t have in-house data visualization capabilities, then choose to partner with an expert who has spent years delving deep into the world of business analytics and intelligence. Or, you can contact us directly and we will help you gain more out of your data.

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