What is the use of resource pay types in Dynamics CRM Field Service?

The system can create one booking journal record for each of the following journal types: travel, working hours, break, overtime, and business closure

Can I use Inspections without work orders?

Organizations often need to conduct inspections independent of work orders. Currently, inspections can be added to customer assets in Field Service.

What are service task types in Dynamics CRM Field Service?

Service task types in Dynamics 365 Field Service are used to define the “types” of service tasks that you will include in your incident types

What is the use of postal codes in Dynamics CRM Field Service?

Postal codes relate to territories. However, they aren’t required for the territories feature to work.

What is the use of address suggestions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service?

Address recommendations on accounts, work orders, and booking forms let you quickly enter addresses.

What is the use of auto geocoding for addresses?

It allows dispatchers to locate work orders more effectively than providing only an address

How can I use Location and Map in Dynamics CRM Field Service?

Locations and maps are significant for getting the most value out of Field Service.

How does Field Service use accounts and contacts in a work order?

Dynamics 365 Field Service uses accounts and contacts throughout the work order process.

What is the use of Knowledge Articles in Dynamics Field Service?

With knowledge management in Dynamics 365 Field Service, relevant knowledge articles can be associated directly to work orders so that technicians can troubleshoot while on the go.

Difference between Work Order Product and Work Order Service?

Field technicians can use the same products for work orders that salespeople use for opportunities, quotes, and orders.