Editing Default Sitemap In Microsoft Dynamics 365

This site map is supported for both custom business apps and Dynamics 365 for Outlook.

What is the scope of the Business Rules in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

There are three levels of scope when setting up Business Rules in your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM system.

Is it possible to change URL name for dynamics 365?

It is specific to the environment so, in order to change the name for an environment, you need to go to “Power Platform Admin Center”

Is it possible to use the inspection forms in MS CRM?

Yes, we can use Inspection forms. The need to complete inspections on equipment or other assets is one that many field service organizations

How to generate work orders automatically?

Manually scheduling recurring work orders is time-consuming and can be prone to human error due to miscalculations or forgotten tasks.

Is it possible to auto generate IDs for Work Orders, Orders, Quotes and Invoices

Yes, we can auto-generate IDs in any format like WO-0001, WorkOrder-1234, etc.

Advantages of Resco Field Service Platform:

Create forms on the fly and deploy them to techs’ mobile.