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Field Security In Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 provides security based on users and teams along with that it also provides a more granular level of security around a single field which can be done by utilizing field-level security.


A field level security profile is used for accessing the fields which have field level security enabled (Default system administrator can still view these fields without this security profile). These fields are added to form and will only be visible to the user/team who have permission (the field level security role) to view.


The field security option is a two-option setting found in the schema which is by default disabled. We can enable this for both system fields and custom fields.


Grant permissions to field level secured field:

Field Security In Dynamics 365 - AhaApps


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In order to grant permission, we need to go to Field security profiles in Security.

Field Security In Dynamics CRM - AhaApps

There will be a  bunch of profiles that came out of the box. We can modify the existing ones or we can create a new profile based on our requirement.


Create a new Field Security Profile:


  • Go to settings ? Security ? Field Security Profiles ? click ‘New’.
  • Enter name and description
Field Security In Microsoft Dynamics CRM - AhaApps
  • You can add teams and users by clicking “Teams” and “Users” below the members’ section.
Field Security In Microsoft Dynamics 365 - AhaApps
Field Security Look Up Records In Microsoft Dynamics 365 - AhaApps
  • You can see added members in the teams’ tab for teams and users in the users’ tab.
Field Security Look Up Records In CRM - AhaApps
  • Click on the field permissions tab under the common section to give the permissions for the fields which are defined as secured fields(field security is enabled).
  • By default, the permissions are set to No for all fields shown in the field permission tab.
  • Double click on the field in which you want to change permissions and give appropriate permissions to the field.
Edit Field Security In Dynamics CRM - AhaApps
  • Click ok, then finally save and close if you give permissions to this profile for the fields you want.

Use Cases for Field Security:

Not many Dynamic 365 users are aware of this functionality but it is a powerful feature provided by dynamics 365. The example use case for field security is provided below.


In the banking sector, if we are using Dynamics 365 to enlist all our customer details, we use accounts and contacts for the customers. We get all the data from the customer like name, email, mobile number, address, SSN (Social Security Number) and date of birth, etc.


Not all the information obtained  is sensitive in nature, so everyone who has access can see those. But the information like SSN is sensitive and we use field security for such fields which have sensitive information controlling the visibility of this field and the value.


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