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Hurricane Harvey was the most devastating natural disaster to ever hit Houston, Texas. With thousands of displaced and homes ruined, Team Rubicon stepped in to render aid and help rebuild the afflicted city and its population. Team Rubicon identifies itself as a veteran service organization that uses disaster response to help reintegrate veterans back into civilian life. With so many volunteers, Team Rubicon needed a way to track and manage their dispersed network of workers. They adopted Dynamics 365 to help optimize operations and give their volunteers a great experience.

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Team Rubicon started in the wake of the Haiti Earthquake with just 8 volunteers. Today their organization has grown to over 83,000.  To manage those volunteers, Team Rubicon needed to build a system from the ground up. They chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams as the heartbeat of their IT systems. It replaced time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks with connected processes. It centralized their data into a single interface by integrating with other applications, cloud services and external data sources. But they didn’t do it alone. They had help along the way.

You can do the same: increase your agility and accelerate transformation with AhaApps. We are focused on delivering “Aha” moments by asking insightful questions and challenging the status quo. We focus on providing qualified Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce Consultants to our clients after a scrutiny. We have helped clients belonging to different industries-be it sports management, entertainment or non-profit organization with our cost-effective consulting & staffing services to configure, implement and optimize out of the box solutions. We have done ground-level research to understand to create the right synergy between the client’s requirements and our services. We follow a stringent guideline when it comes to finding the right talent for the right job or a solution for the CRM software, on budget and on time. We have fine-tuned our methods over several projects for efficiency and world-class delivery.

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