Saving resources with Microsoft Power Apps

Heathrow Airport is always open to technological advancements that increase productivity, but when the airport granted its entire workforce access to Microsoft Power Apps, few could have expected the incredible impact the employees would realize through it.

Saving resources with Microsoft Power Apps - AhaApps
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At Heathrow Airport, an airplane takes off every 45 seconds and nearly 80 million passengers are served annually, making it the busiest airport in Europe. As you might imagine, daily activities involved in running the airport–such as baggage handling, security, maintenance, and the like–add up to a staggering volume of paperwork that requires an equally staggering number of hours to complete.


Amidst the bustle, one security officer identified a way that Heathrow could save both time and resources by digitizing certain security processes. He researched several Microsoft Power Platform blogs, taught himself how to code, and used Power BIPower Apps, and Microsoft Flow to create a suite of apps that has not only saved 288 hours in data entry and eliminated 11,000 sheets of paper for security operations but has also helped Heathrow Airport leap forward on its digital transformation journey.


“My goal was never to build apps for my co-workers. The aim was to change the culture in and around IT to one of independence, and the Power Apps community, both here at Heathrow and at Microsoft and across the internet is so welcoming and collaborative that nobody ever feels embarrassed to ask for help,” Samit Saini, IT Solution Specialist.


Watch the video to see how airport security officer Samit Saini helped transform Heathrow–and his own career–using Microsoft Power Platform.


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